Hey there!
Welcome to the world of Lauren, where everything isn’t just rainbows and butterflies, however, there may be an otter or two.
In March of 2018, I have since graduated Savannah College of Art and Design with an Advertising, Marketing and Graphic Design major. Despite being of a military family, I managed to stay rooted in my hometown of Chapel Hill, North Carolina and since graduating college, have moved to West Texas with my fiancé, Zane. 
I am a goofball aficionado with a passion for photography, traveling and vibrant colors. My hobbies are swimming and illustrating, as well as running an online merchandise shop for my creations. On my free time I enjoy creating videos for my fiancé and I's YouTube channel as well as illustrating anything that comes to mind. 
I excel the most in graphics for products and video creation because they are my passions, but I'm always up for a challenge to learn new things to broaden my talents. 
I look forward to hearing from you soon! 

In the mean time, enjoy a picture of my fur-babies, Maizey & Harvey.
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